Exchange Rates and Cost of LivingEdit

Remember Exchange rates are constantly changing so information will often be very inaccurate.


Coffee (Flat White)

NZD - $3.80

AUD - $2.94

USD - $2.83

GBP - £1.82

CAD - $2.89

Beer (Pint NZ Lager)

NZD - $7

AUD - $5.41

USD - $5.22

GBP - £3.35

CAD - $5.31

Pizza (Dominos Supreme)

NZD - $7.50

AUD - $5.80

USD - $5.59

GBP - £3.59

CAD - $5.59

Don't put Dominos. USE HELL PIZZA, it's WAY better.

Also, it's almost impossible to get a good flat white outside of NZ (or Australia). It's not a very common coffee anywhere else.


Living Expenses - based on a 3 bedroom flat in CBD split four-ways.

  • Rent - $165/wk
  • Food - $100/wk
  • Utilities + Net - $90.00 (Contact/Telecom. others included with rent)
  • Drinks/Entertainment - $100/wk
  • Mobile - $10/wk (2Degrees)
  • Misc - $50.00/wk
  • Clothing - $20/wk


Currency comparisons are meaningless for people moving here: They're not going to get paid in the currency of their home country. The flat numbers from different places give a better idea of the cost of living.

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