• Flat - Rental apartment or house
  • Flatmate - Roomate, someone who will share a flat with you

Renting in NZEdit

Rent is typically advertised as a per-week rate. You can pay your landlord weekly, fortnightly, or on any schedule that you agree with your landlord. Over your entire tenancy, your final rent will be calculated to the day.

There are two main types of rental agreements:


Periodic Tenancy is notice based. Once the agreement starts, you can give 21 days notice to end the tenancy. Landlord must give 90 days notice (54 days in some cases).

Fixed TermEdit

Fixed Term Tenancy is just that, an agreement for a term. Notice periods do not apply unless included in the fixed term agreement. Ending is only at the agreement of both parties (normally becuase you found someone else to live there. At the end of the Fixed Term, the tenancy can be terminated by either party, renewed for another fixed term, or by default drops to a periodic tenancy from the end of the fixed tenancy.


In New Zealand, a bond held against the property is standard, and is paid to the Landlord. This bond must be handed over by the landlord to Department of Building and Housing, where it is held in trust until the end of the agreement.

Your rightsEdit


All Tenancy disputes go through mediation, and if that fails, to the Tenancy Tribunal, then up through the courts as necessary.

Government protects tenants pretty well, but provides abilities for landlords to get what they need done.

Finding a flat, or flatmatesEdit

More informationEdit

The Government Building and Housing website has a lot of information on your rights, processes etc