What are police like in New Zealand?Edit

NZ policeman are notorious for going around at 2AM in the morning, warning travellers to blow on their potentially thermonuclear pies. Source

They're your mates.

Police officers in NZ don't carry guns on their person. Some patrol cars have a safe in their boot/trunk containing weapons, though. NZ police are more likely to use tasers than guns, although the use of these is still restricted.

Pretty nice! I've seen them react kindly to 'afterble constanoon' multiple times, which must take the patience of a saint...

They spend too much time issuing speeding tickets but are otherwise good. Not corrupt.

What regions of New Zealand grow the best weed?Edit

  • Nelson/Tasman Bays.
  • Northland and Bay Of Plenty
  • Rotorua
  • Te Puke area