Working in New ZealandEdit

Can I come and work in New Zealand?

In short, yes - but only temporarily. If you want to emigrate permantly you'll need to either marry a Kiwi, have skills and experience which are in demand, or just buy your way in .

Short-term basis, you'll want to apply for a working holiday visa. This allows you to work for up to 12 months as long as you're between 18 and 30, have the means to get back home, and are of good character.

Medium-term basis, you can try get a Silver Fern visa - though it's limited to 300 annually and you'll need to be between 20-35 and have a tertiary qualification.

More permantly, if you have specalist skills/qualifications you might qualify under the Skilled Migrant scheme. It's based on a points system and you can get an idea as to whether you qualify by trying the calculator .

Pro-Tip: You could qualify under a talent-visa and expedite the whole process if you get a job offer from an accredited employer; however, unless you have a skill which is highly specalised or in high demand, most employers won't be interested.